Don’t Touch!

If there’s something to learn from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that we should be minimising contact with surfaces; including light switches, and other common devices.

Since the development of the first usable light bulb in the late 1800s, we have become used to switching lights on and off when we need to. We take these simple, ubiquitous touch points for granted, being an everyday interaction in our lives.

Some research suggests that the virus can survive on plastic and metal surfaces for up to three days. Some types of switches need special attention and care with how they are cleaned. Even if regularly cleaned, it’s an inconvenience that can be avoided.

A modern home should use technology effectively to automate everyday functions, without the need for manual interaction.

We should be able to move through the spaces of the home, with it reacting to our movement and presence, automatically turning on lights and other devices when they are really needed.

With today’s technologies, switch interaction can be absolutely minimised. Once you experience the amazing convenience of a modern home, your lifestyle will be forever changed; and you will never look back.