Controlling Tunable-White Light

With the new DALI-2 standard to become more known throughout 2021 and beyond, the ability to control tunable-white lights has never been easier or more intelligent, particularly with a Philips Dynalite lighting control system.

Tunable-white lighting control adjusts the colour temperature of white light to mimic natural light, with shades ranging from the golden glow of the morning sun or evening sunset, to the blueish hues of midday sunlight.

An objective of tunable-white lighting control is to make light feel more natural, aligning natural light with the circadian rhythm of the human body. Tunable-white control can be used to create atmosphere, promote wellbeing and improve comfort.

With tunable-white functionality being incorporated into the DALI-2 certification program, lighting and lighting control manufacturers can have their tunable-white functionality certified for compatibility with the DALI-2 control protocol.

Controlling tunable light with Dynalite

With a move towards more controllable luminaires, and tunable-white light  (sometimes referred to as human centric lighting), Philips Dynalite has a range of products for a complete lighting control solution. As a leading lighting control manufacturer, Philips Dynalite is focused on providing the best DALI controllers.

The current range of signal controllers features the DDBC120-DALI controller being DALI-2 certified, and will be followed by the new DDBC320-DALI when it is released later this year.

In addition to Philips Dynalite’s dedicated DALI controllers, tunable-white control can now be provided with the DDMC802 multipurpose controller installed with DGBM200 ballast modules.

When combined with a PDEG ethernet gateway, tunable-white presets and schedules can seamlessly transition or automatically change throughout day and night.


The DDMC120-DALI is the product to be used to control an enumerated (fully addressed) DALI for most residential applications. It provides cost-effective control of a single universe of 64 DALI drivers, and communicates seamlessly with Philips Dynalite sensors and user interfaces.

The updated DDBC120-DALI controller now supports tunable white light (or human centric lighting) for DALI 209 compliant colour control luminaires, and is compatible with DALI 209 drivers. This provides a single Warm White, Cool-White (WWCW) channel for tuning the colour temperature and adjusting the light intensity.

Previously, DALI luminaires required two channels that controlled a Warm White driver and a Cool-White driver, to achieve the same effect. Both the old and new channel types are supported by the DDBC120-DALI.

The DDBC120 DALI has an auto-enumeration feature, that provides automatic enumeration of DALI ballasts, and enables self-repair of the network system if a DALI driver fails, rather than requiring a certified technician being on-site to manually enumerate the system.

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Specification sheet
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DDMC802 + DGBM200

Philips Dynalite recently announced the DDMC802 multipurpose modular controller with the DGBM200 signal dimming module now supporting tunable-white control over multiple broadcast channels, without the need for complex DALI addressing.

More information
Specification sheet
Installation manual

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