The Philips Dynalite product portfolio features a range of DALI products, from which I am featuring the DDMC120-DALI signal dimmer controller.

With a move towards more controllable luminaires, and human centric lightingPhilips Dynalite has a range of products for a complete lighting control solution. The DDMC120-DALI is the product to be used to control an enumerated (fully addressed) DALI for residential applications, when required.

The Philips Dynalite DDBC120-DALI delivers cost-effective control of DALI drivers through provision of a full universe of 64 DALI drivers. The device communicates seamlessly with Philips Dynalite DALI sensors and user interfaces.

The updated DDBC120-DALI controller now supports tunable white light (or human centric lighting) for DALI 209 compliant colour control luminaires, and is compatible with DALI 209 drivers. This provides a single Warm White, Cool-White (WWCW) channel for tuning the colour temperature and adjusting the light intensity.

Previously, DALI luminaires required two channels that controlled a Warm White driver and a Cool-White driver, to achieve the same effect. Both the old and new channel types are supported by the DDBC120-DALI.

The DDBC120 DALI has an auto-enumeration feature, that provides automatic enumeration of DALI ballasts when powered on and enables self-repair of the network system if a DALI driver fails, rather than only the traditional manual enumeration method.

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Disclaimer: This series of reviews focuses on special products that are part of a networked lighting control system; specifically the Philips Dynalite system. Philips Dynalite is probably the world’s best lighting control system, that I have represented in a professional and expert role with Lightmoves for many years. These reviews may be quite technical, and may benefit those who are this way inclined. Let me know if you want to know more. @SimonLakey

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