Dynalite Product Codes

Did you know there’s a method behind Dynalite product codes?

Well, there is indeed a method that makes Dynalite product codes and model numbers easy to identify and specify?

A typical Dynalite product code consists of three or four parts:

1. Form factor
2. Product type
3. Specification
4. Option or finish

1. Form factor: Wall-mount vs DIN-mount

It’s really easy to distinguish Dynalite wall-mount products and DIN-rail mount products.

With the examples of Dynalite multipurpose controllers, a D prefix (of the DMC810GL) stands for Dynalite Multipurpose Controller, whereas a DD prefix (of the DDMC802) stands for Dynalite DIN-mount Multipurpose Controller.

D__ = Dynalite wall-mount
DD__ = Dynalite DIN-mount

With most residential projects almost exclusively using DIN-mount load controllers, the DD product code prefix will identify the right product.

2. Product type

After identifying the product form factor (Wall-mount vs DIN-mount), the next part of the product code identifies the product type: e.g. Relay Controller (RC), Multipurpose Controller (MC), Ballast Controller (BC), etc.

Continuing with the previous multipurpose controller example, DDMC stands for Dynalite DIN-mount Multipurpose Controller.

Similar codes are:

DDRC: Dynalite DIN-mount Relay Controller (e.g. DDRC1220, DDRC810DT)
DDMC: Dynalite DIN-mount Multipurpose Controller (e.g. DDMC802)
DDBC: Dynalite DIN-mount Ballast Controller (e.g. DDBC1200, DDBC120-DALI)
Other Dynalite products can be similarly identified by the product code:

DDNG: Dynalite DIN-mount Network Gateway
DUS: Dynalite Universal Sensor
PDEG: Philips Dynalite Ethernet Gateway
PDEB: Philips Dynalite Ethernet Bridge
DLLI: Dynalite Low Level Interface
DACM: Dynalite Antumbra Communications Module
PADPA: Phillips Antumbra Display Panel American/Australian

3. Product specification

Following the product type, the product code identifies the specification.

In the case of the DDMC802 multipurpose controller, the 802 part of the product code references the number of channels and load capacity of the load controller: 8 channels, 2A per channel maximum.

Similar rationale of the product codes provides the specification of other products:

DDRC1220 = Dynalite DIN-mount Relay Controller, 12 channels/20A per channel
DDRC810DT = Dynalite DIN-mount Relay Controller, 8 channels/10A per channel, Double throw
DDMC802 = Dynalite DIN-mount Multipurpose Controller, 8 channels/2A per channel
DDBC1200 = Dynalite DIN-mount Ballast Controller, 12 channels
DDBC120-DALI = Dynalite DIN-mount Ballast Controller, 1 Universe, 20A relay, DALI-2
?DDNG485 = Dynalite DIN-mount Network Gateway, RS485
DLLI8I8O = Dynalite Low Level Interface, 8 inputs, 8 outputs
DUS360CR = Dynalite Universal Sensor, 360° (Detection pattern), ceiling-recessedDUS90CS =Dynalite Universal Sensor, 90° (Detection pattern), ceiling-surface mount

4. Options & finishes

Products such as the Antumbra series of user interfaces have a suffix that provides option or finish information:

PA6BPA-WW-L: Philips Antumbra, 6 button panel, American (Australian) shape, white button/white rim, labelled
PADPA-WW: Philips Antumbra, Display panel, American (Australian) shape, white button/white rim

This series of articles from my Dynalite page focuses on products from the Philips Dynalite networked lighting control portfolio. Many industry professionals regard Philips Dynalite as being the world’s best lighting control system, that I have represented with Lightmoves for many years. SimonLakey

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