Good morning


Your alarm clock peacefully wakes you up at 5am. As you remove the bed covers, and your feet touch the floor, a suptle glow of light illuminates your path to the bathroom and robe, allowing you to change into your gym clothes in an unobtrusive, dimmed light.

While you’re getting changed, the automated pet feeder releases fifty grams of dry food for your cat’s breakfast. As you leave for the gym, your front door automatically unlocks, and securely locks silently closes behind you.

After a high-intensity work out, you arrive back home, just after sunrise. The front door automatically unlocks, and you are greeted by your satisfied cats. A soft glow of sunlight bathes the room through the sheer drapes, as the heavier, block-out curtains magically part.

As you enter the bathroom, the shower knowingly turns on to a refreshing thirty degrees, at just the right pressure to sooth your body. The radio softly plays, updating you with the seven o’clock news. Steam is queitly extracted by the overhead fan keeping the mirror condensation free.

As you turn off the shower, and dry off, robe space and shelves illuminate, helping you select your outfit for the day. Over the sounds of the radio, you hear the grinding of coffee beans, as your coffee machine prepares the ideal latte to kick start your day.

Walking into the kitchen and living room, the sheer window drapes automatically open to reveal a glorious morning. The radio is seamlessly transferred from the bathroom to the kitchen, and your home maintains a comfortable 22 degrees as you enjoy your morning coffee.

After breakfast, you gather your work belongings to leave home, saying goodbye to the cats, with the door quietly closing and locking behind you.

Everything just happens, integrating seamless with your lifestyle to start your day.

Keyless Access



We use keyless access almost everyday with our cars, where keyless access or central locking is now a standard feature. Younger generations probably can’t even remember the days of manually locking and unlocking a car door. These days, with keyless ignition in some cars, you don’t even have to take the key out of your pocket or handbag to unlock and start the car.

Some may also be familiar with keyless access control system in the workplace, having experienced the convenience and security of swipe cards, keypads, key fobs, or even biometric fingerprint readers. Residential systems provide similar functionality, and are these days much more attractive.

In a new home build, the keyless access system can be standalone, but typically integrated with the security system. An expert integration specialist will discuss your requirements, and take in consideration your ingress, egress and regress requirements, and the type of doors specified, to design a total access control solution.

Keyless access systems can be provided to just a single door, such as the main entry door, or if done really well, to every access door throughout the home, for a true central locking experience. Almost any door can be fitted for keyless access, including sliding doors and gates.

For the retrofit market, there are many DIY solutions, that can be purchased from your local hardware store. Some feature intelligent smart phone integration, others an integrated keypad for PIN code access, or a remote key fob. All keyless access systems can be overridden by a traditional manual key.

With a keyless access system, you will enjoy the new convenience of being keyless. You can now head out for a walk, run or cycle knowing that your home is safely secured, without needing to carry a bunch of keys, or perhaps come home with bags of shopping, and not fumbling for your keys.

Implemented correctly, a keyless access system will be one of the most appreciated home systems.