How I stopped misplacing things, with Tile

I used to regularly misplace things – specifically my keys and wallet. I came across Tile about year ago, and have not misplaced my keys or wallet since.

Tile have a range of Bluetooth tracker devices that when paired with the Tile app, makes it easier to find things. I use the Tile Mate on my keyring, and the Tile Slim in my wallet.

In the past, I would stress out having misplaced my keys or wallet, that were ultimately located in a jacket pocket, my bag, down the side of the couch, or under a car seat.

With Tile, I can simply open the app to see when and where the last place my phone and Tile were paired together – my phone, keys, and wallet are generally in the same location with me.

If my misplaced item is still within bluetooth range, the app will tell me its proximity, and I can make them play a sound to audibly locate it.

Check out Tile for that extra piece of mind to help you locate your stuff.


I’m always misplacing basic everyday things; my wallet, my keys etc. Chipolo is a great little accessory that will help you find your things when you misplace them.

Chipolo is a small Bluetooth tracker, about the size of a 50c coin, and available in a range of vivid colours. It features a small keyring loop, enabling it to be attached to your things. The CR2025 battery is replaceable, and last around 6 months,

After downloading the Chipolo mobile app, and some brief setting up, you are good to go, and can enjoy life without the stress of search for your misplaced things.

Chipolo, like other bluetooth trackers, works by being in constant bluetooth connection (or at least when your phones GPS detects a different location) with your smart phone. When your Chipolo connected item is separated from your smart phone, it logs the last time they were together.

If your Chipolo connected item is within Bluetooth range (approximately 20m), simply launch the Chipolo app on your phone to see a list of your items, select the item, and ring it. Hopefully, your item will emit a tune allowing you to locate it. This works really well, if your wallet or keys have been left in your trouser pocket, or perhaps fallen out somewhere close by.

Chipolo will sound an alert on your phone if your connected item becomes separated, saving you from perhaps leaving for the office without you wallet, or similar. To minimise constant item separation from your phone, you can set up quiet-zone locations.

Chipolo even works in the reverse with a misplaced phone. Simply shake your Chipolo, and your phone will sound an alert if in close Bluetooth range.

I love my Chipolos, and have never misplaced my everyday things since having them connected to my keys, wallet, bag, and camera.

Chipolos can be purchased online from Chipolo, or via a local reseller for under AU$40 each.