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I make homes AMAZING by making home technology products and systems such as power, lighting, security and safety, motorised blinds and curtains, entertainment, and internet, just work – seamlessly and simply.

Homeowners are faced with many choices and decisions, and numerous technology products and systems. For many, it can be a minefield of electronic complexity and technological confusion, that somehow needs to be embraced – but how?

As an independent advisor, I provide the best way to implement technology into a home. I work solely for homeowners and designers, to help them navigate through every step of the technology integration process, including the appointment of the right solution provider.

With a holistic approach to smart home technology, I cut through misinformation and protect inexperienced consumers from making mistakes that can cost thousands.

I make sure everything is done to achieve the best possible outcome, and most of all, the best user experience.

Let me help you make your home AMAZING!





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