I am a Toastmaster

I am a Toastmaster to become a better public speaker, communicator, and leader. I have always admired great speakers, extraordinary presenters, and excellent communicators.

As a speaker, presenter and trainer, I communicate daily. I have my own style and methods, that can always be better. Toastmasters provides me the opportunity to become a better public speaker, communicator and leader.

I joined Toastmasters in March 2017, having been introduced to the organisation some twenty years earlier, but didn’t continue at the time. I have since joined Ringwood Toastmasters, my local club. Members represent a wide range of demographics that I may not normally have the opportunity to network with.

Within six months of joining Ringwood Toastmasters, I was nominated and elected to be Vice-President of Public Relations, as part of an executive committee that would steer the club through 2017-2018. With this experience, I was recently nominated and elected as President of the Ringwood Toastmasters club for 2018-2019.

The benefits of being a Toastmaster will help develop all types of communication, regardless of whether you have a desire for Public speaking. There are many types of speeches that often take me out of my comfort zone – impromptu, humorous, storytelling, interviewing etc. that I continue to develop and master.

If only I had continued with Toastmasters when I was first introduced, my personal and professional life may have been very different, with improved communication and leadership. With the small investment of time and money to be a member, you will never wonder what could have been, by giving yourself the best opportunity to be a great communicator.

Contact and visit your local Toastmasters club, and thank me later.

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