Getting to know: Philips Dynalite DACM

The DACM (Dynalite Antumbra Communication Module) is a DyNet communication module that connects to any Antumbra user interface to a Philips Dynalite system. It is most often purchased with an Antumbra application module (e.g. PAxBPA, PATPA, PADPA).

  • Powered by DyNet – Does not require an external power supply.
  • Universally compatible – Works with any AntumbraButton, AntumbraTouch or AntumbraDisplay application module.
  • Onboard processor – Contains all logical and network functions and can be commissioned prior to installation.
  • Functions without application module – Can be installed, wired and tested without application module, avoiding fascia damage during ongoing construction.
  • Pre-configuration – Can store and recall up to 21 configurations using the DIP switch, streamlining the commissioning and installation process.


You may start to notice that the DACM has been updated to a DACM V3, that now has a green label:

  • Original DACM: Black label
  • DACM V2: Blue label
  • DACM V3: Green label

Please upgrade your firmware version based on the device’s microprocessor: firmware version 2.xx for generation one microprocessors or firmware version 3.xx for generation two microprocessors.

For most applications, there will be no performance difference between the DACM V2 and DACM V3.

This series of articles focuses on products from the Philips Dynalite networked lighting control portfolio. Many industry professionals regard Philips Dynalite as being the world’s best lighting control system, that I have represented with Lightmoves for many years. SimonLakey

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