Philips Dynalite DUS360CR Multifunction sensor

The Philips Dynalite DUS360CR is a recess mountable 360 degree multifunction sensor that combines motion detection (PIR), infrared remote control reception (IR) and ambient light level detection (PE) into one device in applications such as offices, lecture theaters and homes.

  • Motion detection feature – Detects the presence or absence of motion and adjusts lights accordingly.
  • Segmented click-up bezel – Surrounds the motion sensor element and enables a portion of the sensing field to be masked. This prevents nuisance detection from adjacent doorways or corridors.
  • Ambient light level regulation – In applications where it is critical to maintain precise light levels, the PE function reads ambient levels and adjusts artificial light accordingly.
  • Infrared receive capability – Manually adjust light levels using a hand-held remote control, via the inbuilt IR receive sensor of the DUS360CR.
  • Daylight harvesting mode – Delivers automatic energy savings.

Specification Sheet
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Lighting controls with smart networked sensors are a key to creating intelligent, responsive solutions that reduce unnecessary energy usage while effectively managing the quality of light to enhance people’s lives wherever they are.

The powerful combination of motion and light level sensors, together with powerful tasking capabilities, allows Dynalite sensors to modify their behaviour over time throughout the day and night.

With a smart home’s objective of providing less touch points (lighting control panels, switches, mobile devices, etc.), sensors can often provide a better experience, and are best implemented when functionality is considered early, at the design stage of the project.

I have recently focused on home user experience; taking into consideration how a space is used throughout the day and night, and how lighting should activate and change. I have found that the user experience is greatly improved when we get involved in the lighting design of a home, to make it really look amazing.

Feel free to contact me, for a coffee, to further discuss some new ideas and concepts that may significantly improve your projects.

Philips has a fantastic publication ‘Networked Sensors‘, that provides an excellent overview of Phillips Dynalite sensors. It is an excellent resource to even provide clients and specifiers, to give them a better understanding of how sensors work.

This series of articles from my Dynalite page focuses on products from the Philips Dynalite networked lighting control portfolio. Many industry professionals regard Philips Dynalite as being the world’s best lighting control system, that I have represented with Lightmoves for many years. SimonLakey

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