How I stopped misplacing things, with Tile

I used to regularly misplace things – specifically my keys and wallet. I came across Tile about year ago, and have not misplaced my keys or wallet since.

Tile have a range of Bluetooth tracker devices that when paired with the Tile app, makes it easier to find things. I use the Tile Mate on my keyring, and the Tile Slim in my wallet.

In the past, I would stress out having misplaced my keys or wallet, that were ultimately located in a jacket pocket, my bag, down the side of the couch, or under a car seat.

With Tile, I can simply open the app to see when and where the last place my phone and Tile were paired together – my phone, keys, and wallet are generally in the same location with me.

If my misplaced item is still within bluetooth range, the app will tell me its proximity, and I can make them play a sound to audibly locate it.

Check out Tile for that extra piece of mind to help you locate your stuff.