With many years of experience with smart home and lifestyle technology, and working with some of the best businesses in the industry, I share my knowledge, interests, thoughts, and opinions that will make your home AMAZING, and our lifestyle life changing.

Smarter Home & Lifestyle

I make homes AMAZING by making home technology products and systems such as power and lighting, security and safety, internet and network, motorised blinds and curtains, and entertainment, just work – seamlessly and simply.  

Homeowners are faced with many choices and decisions, and numerous technology products and systems. For many, it can be a minefield of electronic complexity and technological confusion, that somehow needs to be embraced – but how? 

As a technology adviser and advocate, I provide the best way to implement technology into a home. Working with homeowners and designers, I help them navigate every step of the technology integration process, including the appointment of the right solution provider. 

With a holistic approach to smart home technology, I cut through misinformation and protect inexperienced consumers from making mistakes that can cost thousands. 

I make sure everything is done to achieve the best possible outcome, and most of all, the best user experience. 

Let me help you make your home AMAZING! 

Want to know more? I’ve written a collection of articles to provide a better understanding of smart home and lifestyle technologies.

My thoughts

Controlling Tunable-White Light

With the new DALI-2 standard to become more known throughout 2021 and beyond, the ability to control tunable-white lights has never been easier or more intelligent, particularly with a Philips Dynalite lighting control system. Tunable-white lighting control adjusts the colour temperature of white light to mimic natural light, with shades ranging from the golden glow of the morning sun or …

Philips Dynalite

For many years, I have managed Lightmoves’ business development of connected lighting and building automation solutions. I provide expert consultation and design for a wide range of construction industry sectors: residential (single dwelling, multi-residential, aged care), commercial, hospitality, education, and public spaces.

I oversee Lightmoves’ Philips Dynalite Dimension dealer network and training program in Victoria and New South Wales, having developed programs to educate designers, integrators and contractors about lighting control and building automation systems, including official Philips Dynalite certification.

My extraordinary portfolio of amazing lighting and control solutions includes; Philips Large Luminous Surfaces (Luminous Textiles and OneSpace), Philips Color Kinetics, Philips Dynalite, Philips Hue, and Helvar.

My collection of Dynalite articles..